Documents and forms

Here you can buy online the various legal documents such as contracts and formats in a variety of areas of law, which were prepared by lawyer Anna Miro. These documents can be purchased for a symbolic price. There is also a catalog of official forms of government offices and institutions, which can be downloaded for free.

Who is it for?

If there is a simple legal problem, you can solve it through sending an initial letter or to file a lawsuit in small claims court, you can do it yourself, without need the assistance of a lawyer. Every document has been prepared and detailed. All that will be required of you in most cases is fill in the personal details. In any case, every document has filling instructions inside.

Document name Price
טופס תביעה לתשלום שכר ₪ 0.00 Buy
טופס תביעה לפיצויי פיטורין ₪ 0.00 Buy
טופס תביעה לדמי אבטלה ₪ 0.00 Buy
תביעה לתשלום שכר עבודה בפירוק חברה ₪ 0.00 Buy
מכתב התראה על הרעת תנאים ₪ 69.00 Buy
הודעה על סיום עבודה לצורך טיפול בילד ₪ 59.00 Buy
הסכם עבודה כולל כתב התחייבות לשמירת סודיות ₪ 399.00 Buy
תביעת ספאם ₪ 399.00 Buy
מכתב התראה ספאם ₪ 69.00 Buy
מכתב על ביטול עסקה ₪ 69.00 Buy
טופס תביעה קטנה ₪ 0.00 Buy
הסכם הלוואה ₪ 399.00 Buy
הסכם מכירת רכב ₪ 399.00 Buy
חוזה שכירות ₪ 399.00 Buy
טופס 101 ₪ 0.99 Buy

How it can be done?

You choose a document from the catalog, pay it through PayPal, and receive a link to download the document. The link active for a limited time. Payment is safe and allows payment through Internet without exposing your credit card details. By the way, in order to pay with PayPal, you do not need to have a registered account. Payment can also be made as a guest.