Anna Miro & Co, Law Office

Anna Miro & Co. Law Office is a boutique law firm dealing in labour law, contract law, civil law.

Tel : 03 632 9210.
Amot Atrium Tower, 18-th floor, Ze'ev Jabotinsky Rd 2, Ramat Gan

Practice areas

Labour and Employment Law

Labour and Employment Law
  • Representing employees and employers in labor courts
  • drafting and inspecting employment agreements
  • legal advice and support for employees of employers facing bankruptcy
  • workers of companies whose activity has ceased


  • lease agreements
  • vehicle ownership transfer agreements
  • sales contracts
  • prenuptial agreements
  • divorce agreements
  • cohabitation agreement

Civil law

Civil law
  • Financial claims
  • representation in various proceedings
  • negotiating
  • consumer claims