Anna Miro, Law Firm

Anna Miro & Co. Law Firm is a boutique law firm dealing in labour law and contract law.

The firm specializes in providing legal services and solutions in a wide range of commercial and civil legal fields. In addition, the firm specializes in handling claims against suppliers and service providers who have illegally charged money, and/or have failed to provide the service/product, or have misled clients and/or have failed to keep their promises.

The firm provides efficient, professional, dedicated and diverse service to its private and business clients, including legal representation in various courts.

The firm was established by Attorney Anna Miro, who insists on acting in accordance with the best quality and professionalism, with motivation and attentiveness to the client’s needs, alongside close personal accompanying which embodies the vast experience and professional knowledge she has gained over years of legal activity, as well as paying attention to details, which eventually decide the fate of the matter at hand.

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Why us?

Anna Miro & Co. Law Firm provides professional and dedicated legal approach in order to keep his clients’ legal interests and to help them go through the legal proceeding in the best possible way.
  • Handling consumer claims against suppliers and service provides who have illegally charged money, and/or have failed to provide the service/product.
  • Drafting various contracts such as: lease contracts, vehicle ownership transfer agreements, sales contracts, partnerships and such.

The legal representation provided by Anna to her clients is professional and reliable, incorporates personal and dedicated approach.